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The Queen

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103 Minutes


Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Actress, Dame Helen Mirren gives a spellbinding performance in The Queen, the provocative story behind one of the most public tragedies of our time - the sudden death of Princess Diana. In the wake of Diana's death, the very private and tradition-bound Queen Elizabeth II (Mirren) finds herself in conflict with the new Prime Minister, the slickly modern and image-conscious Tony Blair. The Queen, also starring Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell (Best Supporting Actor, Babe, 1995), takes you inside the private chambers of the Royal Family and the British government for a captivating look at a vulnerable human being in her darkest hour, as a nation grieving for its People's Princess waits to see what its leaders will do. Suspenseful, heartfelt and riveting, it's a fascinating story you won't soon forget.


Alex Jennings
Amanda Hadingue
Anthony Debaeck
Dolina Maclennan
Douglas Reith
Earl Cameron
Elliot Levey
Gray O'Brien
Helen Mccrory
Helen Mirren
James Cromwell
John Mcglynn
Joyce Henderson
Julian Firth
Lola Peploe
Mark Bazeley
Michael Sheen
Pat Laffan
Paul Barrett
Robin Soans
Roger Allam
Sylvia Syms
Tim Mcmullan
Wolfgang Pissors
Xavier Castano



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