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The Proposition

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104 Minutes


In the harsh, unforgiving landscape of the Outback, Charlie Burns is presented with an impossible proposition by local law enforcer Captain Stanley: the only way to save younger brother Mikey from the gallows is to track down and kill Arthur, his psychotic older brother. Meanwhile Captain Stanley is desperate to shield his innocent wife from the brutalities of their new surroundings, having given up their comfortable life in England. An uneasy sense of foreboding grows as each character faces a punishing moral dilemma that leads inexorably to a devastating climax...


Bogdan Koca
Bryan Probets
Daniel Parker
Danny Huston
David Gulpilil
David Vallon
David Wenham
Emily Watson
Gary Waddell
Guy Pearce
Iain Gardiner
Jae Mamuyac
Jeremy Madrona
John Hurt
Leah Purcell
Mick Roughan
Noah Taylor
Oliver Ackland
Ralph Cotterill
Ray Winstone
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan
Shane Watt
Tom Budge



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