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86 Minutes


Oscar-nominated actor, John C. Reilly (Chicago, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) and Seann William Scott (American Pie) lend their deft comedic touch to the story of two mid-level Chicago supermarket employees - Doug and Richard, a dubious new guy from Canada - who compete ruthlessly for a coveted managerial post at a new store location. Doug and Richard could not be more different, but going head-to-head in a contest of wits and will reveals how they have more in common than they once suspected. The duo battle toward a hilarious final showdown that will leave you guessing until the very end.


Adrian Martinez
Bobby Cannavale
Fred Armisen
Gil Bellows
Ithamar Enriquez
Jason Bateman
Jenna Fischer
John C. Reilly
Lili Taylor
Masi Oka
Rick Gonzalez
Seann William Scott



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