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The Old Maid

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95 Minutes


Delia marries Jim, not Joe After Delia breaks her engagement to Clem and marries Jim, Clem promises to marry Delia's cousin Charlotte, but he dies at the battle of Vicksburg leaving Charlotte an unwed mother. She and her daughter Tina, presumably an orphan, move in with Delia who legally adopts the girl. Charlotte watches her daughter grow up and get married, never able to claim her as her own. CORRECTION; Delia breaks her engagement to Clem, in favor of wealthy Jim. Cousin Charlotte comforts Clem, and becomes pregnant. Clem dies in the war before he can marry her, and Charlotte raises her daughter as a "foundling." When Jim's brother, Joe, falls in love with Charlotte, Delia, out of spiteful jealousy, destroys the forthcoming wedding, and eventually takes Charlotte's child from her.


Bette Davis
Cecilia Loftus
Donald Crisp
Doris Lloyd
Frederick Burton
George Brent
Jack George
James Stephenson
Jane Bryan
Janet Shaw
Jerome Cowan
Lois James
Louise Fazenda
Marlene Burnett
Miriam Hopkins
Rand Brooks
Raymond Rayhill Powell
Ricardo Lord Cezon
Sidney Bracey
William Hopper
William Lundigan
Winifred Harris



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