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The Oklahoma Kid

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85 Minutes


McCord's gang robs the stage carrying money to pay Indians for their land, and the notorious outlaw "The Oklahoma Kid" Jim Kincaid takes the money from McCord. McCord stakes a "sooner" claim on land which is to be used for a new town; in exchange for giving it up he gets control of gambling and saloons. When Kincaid's father runs for mayor, McCord incites a mob to lynch the old man whom McCord has already framed for murder.


Al Bridge
Al J. Jennings
Arthur Aylesworth
Blackie Whiteford
Bob Kortman
Charles Middleton
Clem Bevans
Cliff Saum
Dan Wolheim
Don Barclay
Donald Crisp
Earl Askam
Earl Dwire
Ed Brady
Edward Pawley
Elliott Sullivan
Frank Mayo
Gene Alsace
George Chesebro
George Lloyd
George Regas
Glen Cavender
Harry Myers
Harry Tenbrook
Harvey Stephens
Herbert Heywood
Horace Murphy
Hugh Sothern
Humphrey Bogart
Irving Bacon
Jack Mower
Jack Tornek
James Cagney
Jeffrey Sayre
Jim Mason
Joe Devlin
Joe Rickson
John Harron
John J. Richardson
John Miljan
Kit Guard
Lew Harvey
Ray Mayer
Robert Homans
Rosemary Lane
Rosina Galli
Sam Garrett
Soledad Jiménez
Stuart Holmes
Tex Cooper
Tex Phelps
Tom Chatterton
Trevor Bardette
Wade Boteler
Ward Bond



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