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The Naked Brothers Band

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90 Minutes


The plot centers around two genuine singer-songwriter/musician brothers Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, who lead the pseudo rock outfit The Silver Boulders. Along with the siblings, the band features guitarist Joshua Kaye, keyboardist David Levi, cellist Thomas Batuello, and Cooper Pillot is the manager. The film follows the boys' difficulties with their fame and an argument that has the band temporarily breaking up. Songs Performed: "Crazy Car", "Motormouth", "Got No Mojo", "If There Was A Place To Hide", "I Need You", "That's How It Is", "Hardcore Wrestlers (With Inner Feelings)", "Rosalina" Music Produced and Arranged by: Michael Wolff, Michael A. Levine Music Composed by: Nat Wolff, Alex Wolff (one track)


Adam Draper
Aeryk Bacon
Alex Wolff
Allie Dimeco
Ann Curry
Ann Curry
Arsenio Hall
Billy Draper
Cole Hawkins
Cooper Pillot
Coulter Mulligan
Cyndi Lauper
Daniel Tai
David Levi
David Thornton
Deborah Offner
George Stoian
James Badge Dale
Jesse Draper
John B. Williams
John Behlig
John Rue
Johnnie Mae Allen
Jonathan Pillot
Joshua Kaye
Judy Anderson
Julianne Moore
Ken Olin
Maya N. Blake
Mel Harris
Michael Wolff
Nat Wolff
Noelle Beck
Patricia Wettig
Peter Horton
Phoebe Legere
Polly Draper
Ricki Lake
Shelby Young
Thomas Batuello
Tim Draper
Timothy Busfield
Tony Shalhoub
Tyrel Jackson Williams
Uma Thurman



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