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The Monster That Challenged the World

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83 Minutes


An underwater earthquake in the Sargasso sea yields up the eggs of a long-extinct sea monster. Once hatched, the monster's offspring sustain themselves by sucking the life forces of various unlucky human land dwellers. Even worse, these horrendous creatures procreate at an incredible rate, laying 3000 eggs per sitting. Eventually, the monsters are neutralized by Modern Science, save for one stray…


Audrey Dalton
Barbara Darrow
Byron Kane
Charles Herbert
Charles Tannen
Dan Gachman
David Mcmahon
Dennis Mccarthy
Gil Frye
Gordon Jones
Hal Taggart
Hans Conried
Harlan Warde
Jody Mccrea
John Carlyle
John Close
Joseph Hamilton
Mack Williams
Marjorie Stapp
Max Showalter
Michael Dugan
Milton Parsons
Mimi Gibson
Ralph Littlefield
Ralph Moody
Robert Benevides
Sarah Selby
Tim Holt
Wallace Earl
William Forrest
William Swan



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