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The Man with One Red Shoe

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90 Minutes


In this hilarious undercover comedy, violinist Richard Drew (Tom Hanks) triggers a game of rivalry between two feuding CIA bosses (Charles Durning, Dabney Coleman) when he is mistaken for a spy after wearing one red shoe. Though Richard is mugged, shot at and chased, he remains unaware that he is an object of suspicion and even falls in love with the agent (Lori Singer) who's trailing him. Meanwhile, his friend's (Jim Belushi) love-starved wife (Carrie Fisher) has designs on him as well. This film is the American version of the French film The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe.


Art Lafleur
Carrie Fisher
Charles Durning
Charles Levin
Charles Walker
Dabney Coleman
Damita Jo Freeman
Dan Resin
Dan Ziskie
David Lander
David Ogden Stiers
David Selburg
Dortha Duckworth
Edward Herrmann
Frank Hamilton
George Martin
Gerrit Graham
Irving Metzman
Ivy Bethune
James Belushi
Jeff Ware
Julius Carry
Lisa Raggio
Lori Singer
Mark Robman
Noel De Souza
Patricia Gaul
Richard Clark
Richard Mcgonagle
Ritch Brinkley
Sam Sako
Stephen Bradley
Tom Chiu
Tom Hanks
Tom Noonan
Tom Rayhall
Victoria Carroll



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