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The man called Noon

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98 Minutes


Noon is a gunfighter who has become amnesiac. Helped by Rimes, an outlaw who has befriended him, he tries to figure out who he is actually. It gradually appears that his wife and kid have been murdered. As time goes by, Noon also recalls a fortune hidden somewhere. Niland, a scheming judge, and Peg Cullane, a greedy will do everything to prevent Noon and Rimes from achieving their end while Fan Davidge, a woman living in a ghost town, will support them.


Adolfo Thous
Aldo Sambrell
Ángel Del Pozo
Barta Barri
Bruce M. Fischer
César Burner
Charly Bravo
Farley Granger
Fernando Hilbeck
Howard Ross
Howard Ross
José Canalejas
José Jaspe
Julián Ugarte
Patty Shepard
Ricardo Palacios
Richard Crenna
Rosanna Schiaffino
Stephen Boyd



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