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The M Word

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120 Minutes


Set in a struggling Los Angeles television station threatened by economic downturn, possible in-house graft and massive job loss, Moxie, a children's TV show actress who unexpectedly turns into Joan of Arc when she finds herself leading an extraordinary band of rebelling women demanding their rights as they anxiously face uncertain futures after their new boss and his second-in-command arrive from New York on a devastating cost-cutting mission. All of Moxie's personal and professional assumptions and those of her long-time boyfriend are turned upside-down as her mother, her two aunts, and her stepfather, join with dozens of her fellow female office workers to illuminate the struggles, challenges and joys of what is still, in some circles, referred to as 'The Change of Life'.


Eliza Roberts
Frances Fisher
Gregory Harrison
Mary Crosby
Michael Imperioli
Tanna Frederick



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