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The Loved One

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122 Minutes


Oscar-winner Rod Steiger ("In the Heat of the Night") stars in this comedy about the wacky Hollywood funeral business. Robert Morse ("The Cardinal") plays an Englishman who encounters the many bizarre aspects of the funeral business when he attends his uncle's funeral. Co-starring Emmy Award-winner Jonathan Winters ("It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"). All-star cast includes: Dana Andrews, James Coburn, Milton Berle, Tab Hunter, John Gielgud, Roddy McDowall, Liberace and others!


Alan Napier
Anjanette Comer
Ayllene Gibbons
Barbara Nichols
Bernie Kopell
Chick Hearn
Dana Andrews
James Coburn
John Gielgud
Jonathan Winters
Joy Harmon
Leoda Richards
Lionel Stander
Margaret Leighton
Milton Berle
Paul Williams
Reta Shaw
Robert Easton
Robert Morley
Robert Morse
Rod Steiger
Roddy Mcdowall
Tab Hunter



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