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The Lookout

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99 Minutes


Acclaimed screenwriter Scott Frank (Out Of Sight and Get Shorty) makes a mind-blowing directorial debut in The Lookout, a gritty, high-tension crime thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (TV's Third Rock From The Sun, Brick), Jeff Daniels (RV) and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers). Chris "Slapshot" Pratt (Gordon-Levitt), whose once-bright future has been dimmed by a severe head injury, is a night janitor at a bank. Lonely and frustrated, Chris falls prey to a con man's seductive promise of romance and a better life, and agrees to help rob the bank where he works. Filled with heart-pounding action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a twist you'll never see coming, The Lookout will grip you and never let go.


Aaron Berg
Alberta Watson
Alex Borstein
Brian Edward Roach
Bruce Mcgill
Carla Gugino
Charles Crossin
Chuck Robinson
Courtney-Jane White
David Huband
Gordie Farrell
Greg Dunham
Harry Nelken
Isla Fisher
Janaya Stephens
Jeff Daniels
John Bluethner
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Julie Pederson
Kalyn Bomback
Laura Vandervoort
Leslie Bais
Marc Devigne
Martin Roach
Matthew Goode
Morgan Kelly
Ofield Williams
Paul Christie
Sergio Di Zio
Stephen Eric Mcintyre
Suzanne Kelly
Ted Felbel
Thanya Romero
Tinsel Korey
Toni Reimer
Tracy Mcmahon



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