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The Legend of Bloody Mary

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93 Minutes


Ryan has been plagued with nightmares for a decade since his sister's abstruse disappearance following a seemingly harmless game of Bloody Mary. After years of sleepless nights and guilt resulting from his inability to make sense of the situation or get her back, he reaches an emotional breaking point. Ryan's loved ones intervene and entrust Father O'Neal to break the deathly curse of The Legend of Bloody Mary before it takes them too.


Brittany Miller
Caitlin Wachs
Chris Blasman
Cooper Campbell
Dean O'Gorman
Elissa Dowling
Frank Iatarola
Gabriella Lamb
Grant Sawyer
Irina Costa
Jackie Kreisler
Joe Hendrick
Joseph Battaglia
Joseph Domingo
Kristen Dalton
Lauren Phillips
Leland Washington
Matt Huhn
Merissa Principal
Mike Nelson
Nicole Aiken
Paul Preiss
Rachael Taylor
Randy Mulkey
Robert J. Locke
Sandi Tucker
Stephen Macht



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