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The Last Days of Chez Nous

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93 Minutes


The movie is written by Helen Garner (of 'Monkey Grip' fame) and directed by ace filmmaker Gillian Armstrong (High Tide). The movie can be described as an introspective journey about love, trust, betrayal as well as lust. It received nominations for ten AFI Awards and Lisa Harrow won one for her performance. The Last Days of Chez Nous captures how a family faces change. Beth (played by Lisa Harrow) is happily married to her French husband JP (of Bruno Ganz and Downfall), she is a strict mother and dominates her daughter Annie (Miranda Otto of Lord of The Rings Trilogy fame). Vicki (Kerry Fox of 'Bright Star' fame), her younger sister, moves into the household after returning from overseas. She is drawn towards Beth's ideal family and longs for what she has missed all these years in her own life. One day, Beth leaves for a trip with her dad (Bill Hunter of 'Muriel's Wedding' fame) unaware of the fact that her sister and husband are about to begin an affair. The movie is shot and presented in high-definition picture quality.


Bill Hunter
Bruno Ganz
Kerry Fox
Kiri Paramore
Lisa Harrow
Miranda Otto



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