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The Kid's Last Ride

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55 Minutes


The Range Busters travel to Gopher City to become the town's peace officers.The trio soon finds young Jimmy Rowell losing all his money to crooked saloon owner Bob Harmon and his henchman Bart Gill, a pair of outlaw brothers who seek revenge against Jimmy and his sister Sally, due to their county judge father having a third brother hanged for his crimes. Harmon forces Jimmy to help him rob a local rancher. The Range Busters kill Bart and help a wounded Jimmy see the error of his ways. In retaliation, Harmon lures the Range Busters to the gang's secret hideout for a final showdown.


Al Bridge
Al Haskell
Carl Mathews
Edwin Brian
Frank Ellis
George Havens
George Morrell
Glenn Strange
Herman Hack
Jack Baxley
Jack Evans
Jack Montgomery
John 'Dusty' King
John Elliott
Luana Walters
Max Terhune
Ray Corrigan
Ray Jones
Roy Bucko
Tex Palmer
Walter James



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