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The Ice Follies of 1939

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81 Minutes


Joan Crawford and Jimmy Stewart star as Larry and Mary, a husband and wife whose marriage is on thin ice when she gets a Hollywood film contract and he must work in the East. While Larry is having a tough time finding skating engagements, Mary is rising fast as a major film star.


Adolphe Hebert
Bess Ehrhardt
Blossom Rock
Charles D. Brown
Chuck Hamilton
Eddie Kane
Eddie Shipstad
Edward Earle
Hal K. Dawson
Harris Legg
Harrison Greene
James Flavin
James Mcnamara
James Stewart
Joan Crawford
Joe Manz
La Verne Busher
Larry Jackson
Lew Ayres
Lewis Stone
Libby Taylor
Lionel Stander
Louis Adlon
Marie Blake
Oscar Johnson
Roy Shipstad
The International Ice Follies
Truman Bradley
William Tannen



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