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The Hunt for the I-5 Killer

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88 Minutes


From Ann Rule's book and starring John Corbett and Sara Canning, this Lifetime Original Movie is based on the haunting true story of the year-long manhunt for a killer suspected of murdering 14 victims and committing numerous sexual assaults up and down the I-5 highway corridor through California, Washington and Oregon. As Detective Dave Kominek (Corbett) starts to discover similarities in the cases, the more he becomes determined to prove the seemingly unrelated killings are the work of one man.


Alex Ferris
Andrew Wheeler
Barbara Kottmeier
Bo Derek
Catherine Lough Haggquist
Dave Collette
Derek Lowe
Elfina Luk
Emma Sutton
Erika-Shaye Gair
Gary Chalk
Gina Chiarelli
Haley Beauchamp
Heather-Claire Nortey
Ingrid Tesch
Jerry Trimble
Jesse Hutch
John Corbett
Joseph Allan Sutherland
Julie Johnson
Karen Holness
Katie Keating
Kirsten Robek
Kyra Zagorsky
Laci J Mailey
Lisa Marie Digiacinto
Matt Bellefleur
Michael Kopsa
Mike Dopud
Nicole Fraissinet
Patti Kim
Paula Lindberg
Radek Hewson
Sara Canning
Sophie Lui
Tygh Runyan



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