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The Horse Without A Head

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Filmed on location in Paris, Disney's Horse Without a Head stars Jean-Pierre Aumont as police-inspector Sinet. The inspector's well-ordered existence is turned upside down by a group of youngsters who insist upon racing their headless toy horse up and down the streets of Paris. Villainous Herbert Lom decides to take advantage of the kids' innocent faces by hiding a key in the headless horse--a key to a deserted factory, where he has squirreled away 10 million stolen francs. Among the child actors in this breezy adventure is a young Pamela Franklin. Released theatrically in Europe, A Horse Without a Head was originally telecast in two parts on September 29, 1963 and Oct 6, 1963 as the third-season opener of Disney's Wonderful World of Color TV anthology.


Denis Gilmore
Herbert Lom
Jack Rodney
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Jenny Laird
Lee Montague
Leo Mckern
Loretta Parry
Maxwell Shaw
Michael Gwynn
Pamela Franklin
Peter Butterworth
Peter Vaughan
Sean Keir
Vincent Winter



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