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The Gunfight at Dodge City

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81 Minutes


Fleeing to Dodge City after killing a man in self defence Masterson finds his brother Ed (Harry Lauter) running for sheriff of the town. When Ed is killed by hired guns of the corrupt incumbent Bat is determined to settle the score with violence but he is convinced by the townspeople that the best way to avenge his brother's death is by taking Ed's place on the ballot. Bat agrees and wins the election but his new role on the right side of the law will lead him to unexpected confrontations as he finds himself torn between his loyalties to his friends and his duties as sheriff.


Don Haggerty
Harry Lauter
James Westerfield
Joel Mccrea
John Mcintire
John Mitchum
Julie Adams
Kasey Rogers
Nancy Gates
Richard Anderson
Timothy Carey
Walter Coy
Wright King



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