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The Final Test

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90 Minutes


Legendary England cricketer Sam Palmer (Jack Warner) is due to bat in his final test match against Australia. He is desperate for his son Reggie (Ray Jackson) to see his final innings. But Reggie prefers poetry to cricket and when he is offered the opportunity to read his poetry to England's greatest playwright Alexander Whitehead (Robert Morley) on the last day of the test, the relationship between father and son is tested to the limit. As Sam prepares for his final knock, the conflict with his son weighs heavily on his mind, but he is also upset over England's young batsman and ladies-man, Syd Thompson (George Relph), dating the woman whom he hopes to marry.


Adrianne Allen
Alec Bedser
Anita Sharp-Bolster
Audrey White
Ben Williams
Brenda Bruce
Cyril Washbrook
Denis Compton
Duncan Lamont
Fred Griffiths
George Relph
Godfrey Evans
Hyma Beckley
Jack Warner
Jim Laker
Joan Swinstead
John Arlott
John Glyn-Jones
Johnnie Schofield
Ray Jackson
Richard Bebb
Richard Wattis
Robert Morley
Roddy Hughes
Sir Len Hutton
Stanley Maxted
Valentine Dyall



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