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The Fighting Renegade

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58 Minutes


El Puma, a Mexican desert guide, escorts an archaeological expedition headed by Professor Lucious Lloyd (Forrest Taylor through the Indian badlands of Mexico. Marian (Joyce Bryant (I)'), the professor;s niece accompanies the party as only she can translate the Aztec writings in the diary of her father, murdered on a similar expedition six years previous. THe professor is murdered by a knife, and the weapon is recognized as the property of El Puma. Magpie (Ben Corbett), a Federal Investigtor, knows that El Puma is really "Lightnin' Bill' Carson (Tim McCoy), a former federal agent who has been missing since Marian's father was slain. The reluctant Magpie believes that his old pal is guilty. Carson sets out to prove otherwise.


Artie Ortego
Ben Corbett
Budd Buster
Carl Mathews
Chick Hannan
Dan White
Dave O'Brien
Forrest Taylor
Frank Wayne
Herman Hack
John Elliott
Joyce Bryant
Kansas Moehring
Kenne Duncan
Lew Meehan
Reed Howes
Ted Adams
Tex Palmer
Tim Mccoy
Wally West



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