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The Errand Boy

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92 Minutes


Turn comedian Jerry Lewis loose inside the gates of a motion picture studio as THE ERRAND BOY and the result is unrestrained pandemonium. Hired to be the “eyes and ears” of a Hollywood mogul at Paramutual Pictures, Morty S. Tashman (Lewis), under the guise of studio mail clerk, is to roam the lot and then report back to the boss with any questionable or dishonest activities. But virtually all of the shenanigans and escapades Morty uncovers are ones of his own doing! From soundstage to back lot to front office, Morty innocently manages to become a one-man wrecking crew that leaves the giant entertainment company in a complete shambles. Lights…camera…calamity!


Benny Rubin
Bill Richmond
Brian Donlevy
Caroline Richter
David Landfield
Del Moore
Dick Wesson
Doodles Weaver
Felicia Atkins
Fritz Feld
Hank Ladd
Herb Vigran
Howard Mcnear
Iris Adrian
Isobel Elsom
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Wayne
Joe Besser
Joey Forman
Kathleen Freeman
Kenneth Macdonald
Mary Lebow
Mary Ritts
Mary Treen
Michael Ross
Mickey Manners
Mike Mahoney
Mike Mazurki
Milton Frome
Pat Dahl
Paul Ritts
Quinn O'Hara
Regis Toomey
Renée Taylor
Richard Bakalyan
Richard Morrow
Rita Hayes
Robert Ivers
Sally Mansfield
Sig Ruman
Stanley Adams
Theodora Davitt
William Wellman Jr.



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