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The Dogs of War

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118 Minutes


Back in civilian life, an ex-mercenary soldier (Christopher Walken) accepts an offer by an American businessman to overthrow a small African government. Making plans to lead the coup, Walken visits the country in the guise of a nature photographer. Suspicious, the government throws Walken into prison and subjects him to torture. While in prison, he meets a dissident political leader. Finally free, Walken is deported. Back in the United States, Walken recruits his band of mercenaries and makes a raid on the military headquarters of the country's dictator and completes the coup. But not entirely: Walken has been moved by the dissident leader he met while imprisoned, and has a nasty surprise for his American businessman sponsor. From Frederick Forsyth's intense, best-selling novel.


Alan Beckwith
Christopher Walken
Colin Blakely
Ed O'Neill
Jean-François Stévenin
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Jobeth Williams
Pedro Armendáriz, Jr.
Tom Berenger
Winston Ntshona



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