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The Devil Is a Sissy

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91 Minutes


No squealers, that's the rule. And Claude Pierce, a child of privilege eager to throw in with two rough-and-tumble lower East Siders, aims to live by it. But through their adventures the trio of would-be toughs discovers another rule. It's harder to go straight than to live a life of crime. That's why The Devil Is a Sissy. This full-hearted drama from the era of Dead End unites a trio of top 1930s child stars for the only time: Freddie Bartholomew (David Copperfield), Jackie Cooper (The Champ) and Mickey Rooney. All three shine. "But it is Mickey Rooney, the Puck of A Midsummer Night's Dream, who penetrates beyond the script and emerges as a living study of Gig, the son of a murderer" (Frank S. Nugent, The New York Times).


Andrew Tombes
Buddy Messinger
Buster Slaven
Charles Coleman
Charles Trowbridge
Christian Rub
David Thursby
Don Brodie
Dorothy Peterson
Etienne Girardot
Etta Mcdaniel
Frank Puglia
Freddie Bartholomew
Gene Lockhart
George Guhl
Grant Mitchell
Harold Huber
Ian Hunter
Ian Wolfe
Jackie Cooper
John Kelly
John Wray
Jonathan Hale
Katharine Alexander
Kathleen Lockhart
Lester Dorr
Mickey Rooney
Myra Marsh
Peggy Conklin
Richard Powell
Sherwood Bailey
Stanley Andrews
Stanley Fields
Wally Maher
William Gould



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