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The Demi-Paradise

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114 Minutes


Ivan Kouznetsoff, a Russian engineer, recounts during World War II his stay in England prior to the war working on a new propeller for ice-breaking ships. Naïve about British people and convinced by hearsay that they are shallow and hypocritical, Ivan is both bemused and amused by them. He is blunt in his opinions about Britons and at first this puts off his hosts, including the lovely Ann Tisdall, whose grandfather runs the shipbuilding firm that will make use of Ivan's propeller. The longer Ivan stays, however, the more he comes to understand the humor, warmth, strength, and conviction of the British people, and the more they come to see him as a friend rather than merely a suspicious Russian. As a romantic bond grows between Ivan and Ann, a cultural bond begins to grow as well, particularly as the war begins and Russia is attacked by Germany.


Alexis Chesnakov
Aubrey Mallalieu
Ben Williams
Brian Nissen
Charles Paton
David Keir
Edie Martin
Everley Gregg
Felix Aylmer
George Cole
George Street
George Thorpe
Gladys Henson
Guy Middleton
Harry Fowler
Ian Wilson
Jack Vyvian
Jack Vyvyan
Jack Watling
John Boxer
John Laurie
Johnnie Schofield
Josephine Middleton
Joyce Grenfell
Laurence Olivier
Leslie Henson
Margaret Rutherford
Margaret Withers
Marian Spencer
Marie Ault
Marjorie Fielding
Mavis Clair
Michael Shepley
Miles Malleson
Muriel Aked
Niall Macginnis
Penelope Dudley-Ward
Wilfrid Hyde-White



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