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The Cutter

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92 Minutes


When Isaac Teller (Bernie Kopell) is kidnapped, his niece, Elizabeth (Joanna Pacula) turns to detective John Shepherd (Chuck Norris) to find her missing uncle. Following a bloody trail of dead jewelers and Interpol agents, Shepherd discovers Isaac is being held prisoner by Colonel Speerman (Kurt Lowens), a wanted Nazi war criminal who's stolen the priceless Breastplate of Judgment, a bejeweled religious artifact dating from Moses' time. And to sell its most valuable assets, the Stones of Light and Perfection, Speerman needs the skills of Teller, a master cutter of large diamonds. So it becomes a race against time, as Shepherd tries to find Elizabeth's uncle, before Teller finishes his work or Speerman finishes him.


Aaron Norris
Bernie Kopell
Chuck Norris
Curt Lowens
Daniel Bernhardt
Dean Cochran
Elsa Raven
Joanna Pacuła
Marshall R. Teague
Tarri Markel
Todd Jensen
Tracy Scoggins



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