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The Criminal

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96 Minutes


Johnny Bannion has spent the last three years in prison devising the biggest robbery of his career. Out of prison, he puts his plans into action. Burying the money in a field, Bannion is arrested before he has a chance to reveal its whereabouts to his gang. They spring him from jail all right, but make the fatal mistake of shooting him before he's given them the full story ...


Brian Phelan
Charles Lamb
Derek Francis
Dorothy Bromiley
Edward Judd
Grégoire Aslan
Jack Rodney
Jill Bennett
John Mclloy
John Van Eyssen
Keith Smith
Kenneth Cope
Kenneth J. Warren
Larry Taylor
Laurence Naismith
Margit Saad
Murray Melvin
Neil Mccarthy
Nigel Green
Noel Willman
Patrick Magee
Patrick Wymark
Paul Stassino
Redmond Phillips
Robert Adams
Rupert Davies
Sam Wanamaker
Stanley Baker
Tom Bell
Tom Gerrard



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