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The Cold Lands

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100 Minutes


When his fiercely self-reliant mother dies unexpectedly, eleven year-old Atticus is wary of the authorities and flees deep into the forests of his Catskills home. His sheltered, off-the-grid childhood is over, and a new life on the move has begun. As Atticus wanders the woods in a daze, relying on whatever food and shelter he can find, the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. When he encounters Carter, a scruffy, pot smoking drifter who lives out of his car and sells necklaces at music festivals, Atticus latches on. The two form a wary alliance, and as their dependence upon each other grows, neither is quite sure he is making the right decision.


Brian Mccormick
John Ventimiglia
Lili Taylor
Maggie Low
Nick Sandow
Peter Scanavino
Sean Crespo
Silas Yelich
Tom Gilroy
Trace Henderson



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