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The Chosen One

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101 Minutes


Paul Zadzig (Rob Schneider - Deuce Bigelow, The Hot Chick, Grown Ups) is a burnt out car salesman whose life changes when three south American holy men show up on his doorstep and proclaim him to be "The Chosen One". Unsure what to make of this, Paul finds himself drawn to these strange people and begins a life-changing journey of his own. Paul must face what's been holding him back - his sibling rivalry with his Buddhist monk brother (Steve Buscemi), his emotionally stagnant mother (Holland Taylor), and most of all - himself. Paul's death defying quests lead him to realize that he can't rescue the planet or anyone else until he first rescues himself.


Brandon Molale
Carolina Gómez
George Dzundza
Holland Taylor
Jack Mcgee
Kent Shocknek
Keri Randles
Marcus Giamatti
Michael Yami
Pamela Guest
Peter Riegert
Rob Schneider
Samantha Smith
Sanny Van Heteren
Steve Buscemi



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