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The Brave Archer 2

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110 Minutes


Huang Rong is taken hostage by Ouyang Feng, who attempts to use her to seize the Nine Yin Manual from Guo Jing. Guo and Hong Qigong rescue Huang Rong and Guo gives Ouyang an "edited" version of the manual, that will eventually cause Ouyang to become insane after he practises the skills in the manual wrongly. Ouyang, Hong and Guo get into a fight, in which Ouyang Ke is injured, and Guo and Hong use the opportunity to escape. However, Hong Qigong is also wounded and he gives Huang Rong his Dog Beating Staff, effectively handing over his leadership of the Beggars' Sect to her. Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Ke pursue Guo Jing and Huang Rong to a deserted town for revenge. Guo and Huang take shelter in an abandoned tavern inhabited by a only a retarded girl called Shagu.


Alexander Fu Sheng
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan
Chan Shen
Chen Chi Lin
Chiang Sheng
Danny Lee Sau-Yin
Dick Wei
Goo Goon-Chung
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
Kara Hui
Keung Hon
Ku Feng
Lam Fai-Wong
Lam Jan-Kei
Lau Fong-Sai
Li Yi-Min
Lo Meng
Lu Feng
Nau Nau
Norman Chu
Philip Kwok Chun-Fung
Shirley Yu Sha-Li
Suen San-Cheung
Suen Shu-Pau
Sun Chien
Tsai Hung
Wai Pak
Wong Ching-Ho
Yu Tai-Ping



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