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The Bedroom Window

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112 Minutes


Architect Terry Lambert (Steve Guttenberg) takes pity on Sylvia Wentworth (Isabelle Huppert), the apparently put-upon wife of his brutish boss (Paul Shenar). Terry commences an affair with Sylvia and during a break between seductions, Sylvia hears a woman screaming from outside her bedroom window. She looks down to see a mysterious man strangling helpless victim Denise (Elizabeth McGovern). By the time Terry comes to the window, he can see only a crowd of spectators. The next day, Terry learns that another girl has been attacked and murdered, and begins to deduce that the killer may be the same person who assaulted Denise. He wants to go to the police, but Sylvia refuses to get involved. Or is she already involved?


Brad Greenquist
Carl Lumbly
Carl Whitney
Craig Jahelka
Elizabeth Mcgovern
Frederick Coffin
Isabelle Huppert
J. Rich Leonard
John Patrick Maloney
Joyce Flick Wendl
Joyce Greer
Kate Mcgregor-Stewart
Kerry Lang
Libra Marrian
Maury Chaykin
Michael Burgess
Myvanwy Jenn
Paul Shenar
Richard Mcgough
Robert Schenkkan
Sara Carlson
Scott Colson
Steve Guttenberg
Sydney Conrad Shapiro
Tobi Marsh
Wallace Shawn
Wendy Womble
Winston Hemingway



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