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Tales from the Crypt: Ritual

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99 Minutes


From the hit-making producers of House Of Wax and Gothika, Ritual is the latest chiller from Tales From The Crypt! Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing, Bounce) finds herself traveling to Jamaica when a wealthy American (Craig Sheffer - Hellraiser: Inferno) hires her to treat his mysteriously ailing brother. Immediately upon her arrival, Alice finds herself immersed in the exotic rhythm and harmony of this foreign civilization...and besieged by the locals with terrifying tales of zombies and demonic possession! As her long-held faith in science clashes with her new experiences in the supernatural, Alice must ultimately submit to the strange and sensual native culture to save her patient, while fighting to escape with her own life. Also starring The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Tim Curry.


Carl Bradshaw
Craig Sheffer
Daniel Lapaine
Erick Avari
Gabriel Casseus
Jennifer Grey
Jessica Collins
Kathy Owen
Kristen Wilson
Tim Curry



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