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Taking Care of Business

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105 Minutes


James Belushi is Jimmy Dworski, a happy-go-lucky convict who breaks out of prison and finally gets a life ... somebody else's! When Dworski finds the daily planner book that literally runs the life of ultra-organized executive Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin), all hell breaks loose! With newfound cash, credit cards, and the keys to a Malibu mansion, the imposter Dworski embarks on an all-expense-paid trip to "Easy Street" while posing as the high-powered Barnes. Meanwhile, Spencer's life is turned upside down as he hunts through the jungles of Los Angeles for his beloved book! When these oddball opposites finally meet, it's a comedic collision you won't soon forget!


Andrew Amador
Anne De Salvo
Buddy Daniels
Burke Byrnes
Charles Grodin
Chris Barnes
Gates Mcfadden
Héctor Elizondo
James Belushi
John De Lancie
John Marshall Jones
John Marshall Jones
Ken Foree
Loryn Locklin
Louisa Abernathy
Mako Iwamatsu
Michael Kinney
Stanley Desantis
Stephen Elliott
Thom Sharp
Veronica Hamel



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