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Sundown Saunders

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Sundown Saunders (Steele) wins a ranch on a prime piece of property, but when he arrives there with his friend Smokey, he finds Dad Preston and his daughter Bess already living on the ranch. The Prestons are close to buying the ranch from Taggart, a criminal posing an an offical Federal land agent. Taggart shoots Mace, one of his own men, pinning the act on Sundown. Taggart ambushes Dad Preston to retrieve the fake deed and plans to rob the bank. Mace tells the Sheriff before he dies that Sundown didn't shoot him and of the robbery plans. A posse is formed leading to a final exciting showdown.


Bob Steele
Earl Dwire
Ed Cassidy
Frank Ball
Hal Price
Jack Rockwell
Marie Burton
Milburn Morante



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