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97 Minutes


After losing her corporate day job, twenty-something Jane Dorrin (Lissa Lauria) inadvertently finds herself begging on the street. After a few days on the "job", the silver-tongued millennial realizes she's found her true calling. With the help of her best friend and business partner Lily Horowitz (Elyse Levesque), she turns what starts out as a social experiment feigning homelessness into a full-fledged career. Business is booming until Jane's ex-boyfriend Aaron (Curt Mega) returns to town to work at the local homeless shelter – and until Jane develops second thoughts after befriending an actual homeless girl in need named Elizabeth (Jordy Lucas). The film features a tremendous comedic cast, including Neil Grayston, Jim O'Heir, Krista Allen, Alison Becker, Ross Marquand, Jordan Black, Nathan Barnatt, Natasha Pearl Hansen, Madylin Sweeten, Dominic Barnes, and Grant Cotter.


Alex Bartley
Alison Becker
Allie Meixner
Amanda Blake Davis
Angelo Vacco
Anthony Fanelli
Brittany Belland
Chele André
Chris Alvarado
Clancy Mclain
Curt Mega
Danny Cavada
Deena Freeman
Dominic Barnes
Ellen Karsten
Ellen Yuen
Elyse Levesque
Grant Cotter
Jackie Long
James Immekus
Jeff Blum
Jim O'Heir
Jordan Black
Jordy Lucas
Jq Cole
Katie Hilliard
Kristy Staky
Krystal Ellsworth
Lissa Lauria
Lyndsey Doolen
Madylin Sweeten
Melissa Riso
Natasha Pearl Hansen
Nathan Barnatt
Neil Grayston
Nick Casalini
Riley Ettinger
Robin Steffen
Ross Marquand
Shane Keough
Sherina Mikasa
Teresa Ganzel
Tina Hart



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