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Sorority Row

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101 Minutes


It's all fun and games until someone gets stabbed with a tire iron. When a pledge week prank goes terribly wrong and one of their own is killed, the popular, hard-partying sisters of Theta Pi vow never to speak of the tragedy again. But the past comes back to haunt them in the form of a homicidal maniac seeking revenge during the out-of-control graduation festivities.


Adam Berry
Ashtin Petrella
Audrina Patridge
Briana Evigan
Caroline D'Amore
Carrie Fisher
Chaton Anderson
Chris Conroy
Debra Gordon
Deja Kreutzberg
J. Matthew Miller
Jamie Chung
Jeff Krajci
Joanna Waldsmith
Joe Forgione
Julian Morris
Justin Tully
Justine Wachsberger
Katie Woolridge
Kelly Dessoye
Ken Bolden
Leah Pipes
Margo Harshman
Marie Blanchard
Matt Lanter
Matt O'Leary
Maxx Hennard
Megan Wolfley
Natalia Dove
Nayli Russo
Nikki Moore
Rick Applegate
Robert Belushi
Rumer Willis
Teri Andrzejewski
Zack Garrett



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