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So Fine

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90 Minutes


Bobby Fine (Ryan O'Neal) teaches comparative literature at a New England university. His father Jack (Jack Warden) is a hard-luck 7th-Avenue dress merchant in heavy debt to a 7-foot loan shark. To pay up, Jack gives up the business - and babe- in-the-woods Bobby finds himself part of the deal. Exposed to the craziest business in midtown, Bobby's solution is the next best thing to indecent exposure: debuting a line of see- through jeans!


Abigail Clayton
Angela Pietropinto
David Rounds
Fred Gwynne
Hyla Marrow
Jack Warden
James Hong
Joel Stedman
John Stockwell
Mariangela Melato
Michael Lombard
Mike Kellin
Richard Kiel
Ryan O'Neal
Terri Treas
Tony Sirico
Tyra Ferrell



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