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Smoke Screen

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87 Minutes


Based on the electrifying novel by best-selling author Sandra Brown, television reporter Britt Shelley (Jaime Pressly, TV's "My Name is Earl") made her name by uncovering a story regarding arson at a police station and the deception surrounding it. Five years later, Britt wakes up next to the dead body of one of the detectives involved in the story, not remembering a thing that happened. Now, she's caught up in a web of corruption, involving not only the police department, but also major political players who have everything to lose if the truth is uncovered.


Alex Bruhanski
Blu Mankuma
Brenda Crichlow
Brendan Fletcher
Christian Tessier
Currie Graham
Dee Jay Jackson
Dustin Brooks
Garwin Sanford
Ian Robison
Jaime Pressly
Jarod Joseph
Jason Diablo
John Cassini
Katharine Isabelle
Larissa Laskin
Malcolm Stewart
Marie Avgeropoulos
Martin Cummins
Ona Grauer
Zak Santiago



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