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Small Town Murder Songs

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75 Minutes


When a young, unidentified woman is found dead by the lake - the victim of a brutal and violent crime – Walter (Peter Stormare), an aging small town police officer, is called to the scene of the town's first murder investigation in decades. Haunted by his past, and hampered by both the mistrust of the community and a state police officer overseeing the investigation, he sets out to solve the murder. Further complicated by his ex-lover (Jill Hennessey) and her current boyfriend, the case absorbs Walter. As he delves deeper into the crime, his newly-reformed life begins to unravel threatening his relationship with Sam (Martha Plimpton) and intertwining itself within the investigation and possibly the murder itself.


Aaron Poole
Alan Penner
Alexandria Benoit
Alyssa Mariano
Amy Rutherford
Andrew Penner
Ann Holloway
Ari Cohen
Colin Burrowes
Erin Brandenburg
Gordon Bolan
Heather Allin
Herm Dick
Jackie Burroughs
Jessica Clement
Jill Hennessy
John Penner
John Stead
Kat Germain
Mark Snowdon
Martha Plimpton
Peter Stormare
Sean Eaton
Stephen Eric Mcintyre
Stuart Hughes
Timm Zemanek
Trent Mcmullen
Vladimir Bondarenko



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