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Sky Racket

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Several mail planes crash twelve miles outside a small town, but the pilots and the mail sacks have disappeared. FBI agent Eric Lane (Bennett aka Herman Brix) is assigned to the case. He flies to the area with the plan to bail out, but shortly before he jumps, he discovers stowaway society debutante Marion Bronson (Barclay), who is escaping an arranged marriage to Count Barski (Renaldo). The plane motor suddenly dies and Lane is forced to grab Marion and jump out of the plane with their single parachute. When the pair safely lands, they are captured by a gang of criminals and taken to their hideout. The pair must use their wits and brawn to defeat the gang and stop their use of a stolen ray gun, which is used bring down planes carrying valuable cargo.


Broderick O'Farrell
Bruce Bennett
Budd Buster
Charles Williams
Dick Cramer
Duncan Renaldo
Earle Hodgins
Ed Cassidy
Edward Earle
Frank Wayne
Fred Parker
Hattie Mcdaniel
Henry Roquemore
Jack Mulhall
Joan Barclay
Lois Wilde
Monte Blue
Roger Williams
Tom London



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