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Six Degrees of Separation

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112 Minutes


We all have two lives: the one we are born with, and the one we try and create for ourselves. Will Smith makes his compelling dramatic debut as Paul, a man who shows up at the doorstep of two affluent art dealers, claiming to need help after a Central Park mugging. Presenting himself as a Harvard Man, a friend of their children and the son of Sidney Poitier, he charms the couple with stories of his father and ends up staying the night. In the morning, however, we find out that “Paul” is a conman, and his ruse will have repercussions that will change one family in ways they never imagined. “Hilarious! Touching! Magic!” Rolling Stone


Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Rapp
Brian Mcconnachie
Brooke Hayward
Bruce Davison
Catherine Kellner
Chuck Close
Cleo King
Daniel Von Bargen
Donald Sutherland
Eric Thal
Heather Graham
Ian Mckellen
Ian Mckellen
J.J. Abrams
Joe Pentangelo
John Cunningham
Kelly Bishop
Kitty Carlisle
Maeve Mcguire
Mary Beth Hurt
Nancy Duerr
Oz Perkins
Peter Duchin
Richard Masur
Robert Trumbull
Stockard Channing
Vasek Simek
Will Smith



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