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Sing, Baby Sing

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90 Minutes


The "Caliban-Ariel" romance of fiftysomething John Barrymore and teenager Elaine Barrie is spoofed in this delightful 20th Century Fox musical. Adolphe Menjou plays the Barrymore counterpart, a loose-living movie star with a penchant for wine, women, and more wine. Alice Faye plays a nightclub singer hungry for publicity. Her agent (Gregory Ratoff) arranges a "romance" between Faye and Menjou. Eventually Faye winds up with Michael Whalen, allowing Menjou to continue his blissful, bibulous bachelorhood. Sing, Baby, Sing represented the feature-film debut of the Ritz Brothers, who are in top form in their specialty numbers--and who are awarded a final curtain call after the "The End" title, just so the audience won't forget them (The same device was used to introduce British actor George Sanders in Fox's Lancer Spy [37]).


Adolphe Menjou
Al Ritz
Alice Faye
Arthur Hoyt
Bess Flowers
Bonnie Bannon
Carroll Nye
Charles Tannen
Cully Richards
Dale Van Sickel
Dewitt Jennings
Diane Cook
Dixie Dunbar
Don Rowan
Donna Mae Roberts
Douglas Fowley
Eric Wilton
Ernie Stanton
George Chandler
Gregory Ratoff
Harry Ritz
Helen Wood
Jerry Larkin
Jimmy Ritz
John Bleifer
Julius Tannen
June Gale
June Wilkins
Lester Dorr
Lillian Porter
Lucille Miller
Lynn Bari
Michael Whalen
Monica Bannister
Montagu Love
Patsy Kelly
Paul Mcvey
Paul Stanton
Pauline Craig
Poppy Wilde
Sam Mcdaniel
Selmer Jackson
Stanley Blystone
Ted Healy
The Ritz Brothers
Tom Ricketts
Tony Martin
Virginia Field
William H. O'Brien



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