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Silver Tongues

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87 Minutes


Silver Tongues presents to you - two of the most remarkably twisted and evil characters you will ever have seen in cinema. Two lovers (Lee Tergesen and Enid Graham) travel from town to town, inventing new personalities to play wild and sophisticated games on the people they meet. They cruelly ruin the lives of strangers, leaving a path of psychological destruction in their wake, like emotional serial killers. In each town the couple raise the stakes, until the game spirals out of control and they turn on each other - desperately trying to escape their victims, the police, and death. A deliciously dark and thrilling film with incredible performances, you will never forget Simon Arthur's SILVER TONGUES.


Adam Lefevre
Amy Gaipa
Babs Winn
Denise Violante
Emily Meade
Enid Graham
Frank Caccamo
Harley Kaplan
Harvey Evans
Johann Carlo
Joshua Paled
Judith Knight Young
Lee Tergesen
Liz Walsh
Maxine Prescott
Myra Lucretia Taylor
Rosa Arredondo
Shana Wiersum
Sisi A. Johnson
Tate Ellington



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