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Shoot First and Pray You Live

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110 Minutes


Nowhere in the vast spread of the desert has there ever been a greater legend told than the bloody feud between Red Pierre and the phantom gunfighter, Bob McGurk. Red Pierre has traveled through the mountains from a Mexican monastery to avenge his dying father, who was fatally wounded by the infamous outlaw Bob McGurk. But before Pierre can have a showdown with this invincible gunman, a gang of bandits captures him. Instead of fighting them, he decides to join forces and rides on with the wild marauders. The final face-off with McGurk has been a long time coming, and Red Pierre will stop at nothing to see that justice is served.


Art Usher
Chris Browning
Clay Wilcox
Erik J. Bockemeier
Fredrick Lopez
Gregory Chase
James Russo
Jeff Hephner
Jim Gaffigan
John Doman
Luce Rains
Richard Tyson
Shannon Zeller
Stephen Payne
Tamara Hope



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