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She's Too Young

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88 Minutes


"You can always call me. I'll come get you, no questions asked," Trish Vogel tells her 14-year-old daughter Hannah. Maybe Trish should have asked some questions. Sure, Hannah's a straight-A student, a devoted cellist and a sweet child. But she's also the high school hunk's sexual play toy of the week. Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden plays Trish in this revealing story of contemporary teen life where casual sex is the norm. And so is venereal disease, as Trish discovers when Hannah is among those infected with syphilis. Vowing to help the kids change their ways, Trish tries enlisting other parents and is met with a wall of indifference, resentment, even threats. But this is a fight Trish--and any parent--cannot afford to lose.


Alexis Dziena
Deborah Odell
Gary Hudson
Marcia Gay Harden
Megan Park
Mike Erwin
Miriam Mcdonald



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