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Shadow People

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89 Minutes


Back in the 1970s, several patients in an experimental sleep study reported seeing shadowy intruders. These patients - and hundreds of others - died in their sleep soon after. Doctors called the phenomenon "Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome" and refused to discuss the shadows. Now, a struggling late-night radio host (Dallas Roberts of THE GREY and TV's THE WALKING DEAD) and a skeptical CDC investigator (Alison Eastwood of MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL) have begun researching a disturbing new outbreak of shadow sightings and sleep fatalities. Could this be a case of paranoid hallucination, or are these victims literally being scared to death by actual nightmare creatures? Anne Dudek (TV's COVERT AFFAIRS, TV's HOUSE M.D.) and Mariah Bonner (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) co-star in this supernatural thriller based on true events.


Alison Eastwood
Angelena Swords
Anne Dudek
Billy Slaughter
Bryan Massey
Christopher Berry
Claudia Coffey
Dallas Roberts
Debby Gaudet
Gary Grubbs
Han Soto
Jaqueline Fleming
Jonathan Baron
Marco St. John
Mariah Bonner
Mattie Liptak
Monica Acosta
Raeden Greer
Ritchie Montgomery
Tony Schiena



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