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Seeking Justice

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105 Minutes


Nicolas Cage (CON AIR, GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, GHOST RIDER FRANCHISE) is Will Gerard, a family man whose life is turned upside-down when his wife, Laura (January Jones of TV'S MAD MEN, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS), is brutally attacked. At the hospital, Will is approached by Simon (Guy Pearce of THE KING'S SPEECH, THE HURT LOCKER, MEMENTO), who proposes an intriguing offer: Simon will arrange to have a stranger exact vengeance on Laura's attacker, in exchange for a favor from Will in the near future. Will consents to the deal, unwittingly involving himself in a dangerous vigilante operation that could lead to frightening and deadly consequences for himself and his family.


Alex Van
Alexander Asefa
Anthony Michael Frederick
Asif Taj
Bernard Johnson
Brett Gentile
Brett Rice
Cullen Moss
Dane Rhodes
David Jensen
Demetrius Bridges
Dikran Tulaine
Donna Duplantier
Guy Pearce
Harold Perrineau Jr.
Irone Singleton
J. Omar Castro
January Jones
Jason Davis
Jennifer Carpenter
Joe Chrest
John Mcconnell
Juan Pardo
Kathleen Wilhoite
Kenneth Brown Jr.
Marcus Lyle Brown
Matthew Posey
Mike Pniewski
Nicolas Cage
Rey Hernandez
Rey Hernandez
Sharon Landry
Thomas Tah Hyde Iii
Wayne Pére
Xander Berkeley



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