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Secret Valley

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Nevada rancher Lee Rogers (Arlen) decides to allow Jean Carlo (Grey) to hide out on his ranch. She wants a divorce from gangster husband Collins (Wilis), who has secretly followed her. Jean accidentally causes a stampede of Lee's cattle that almost causes him to lose the ranch. Jean uses some of her fortune to pay off Lee's debt, and convinces Lee's friend Russel Parker (Mulhall) to lie and say that he had obtained a loan from the bank. Collins and his henchmen capture Jean, and threatens to harm Lee if she does not come with them, to which she agrees. But Lee won't give up Jean without a fight, and together with a group of Federal lawmen who want to arrest Collins, rides off to rescue Jean and bring Collins to justice.


Al Hill
Charles Delaney
Frank Hagney
Gertrude Messinger
Jack Mulhall
Lester Dorr
Maude Allen
Norman Willis
Richard Arlen
Russell Hicks
Sid Jordan
Syd Saylor
Tom London
Tommy Coats
Virginia Grey
Willie Fung



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