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114 Minutes


Cross is an old hand at the CIA, in charge of assassinating high-ranking foreign personalities who are an obstacle to the policies of the USA. He often teams up with Frenchman Jean Laurier, alias "Scorpio", a gifted free-lance operative. One day, the CIA orders Scorpio to eliminate Cross -- and leaves him no choice but to obey. Scorpio is cold-blooded and very systematic; however, as a veteran agent, Cross knows many tricks. He can also rely upon a network of unusual personal contacts, some dating back to the troubled years preceding WWII. A lethal game of hide-and-seek is programmed, but what are the true motives of every single player?


Alain Delon
Burke Byrnes
Burt Lancaster
Celeste Yarnall
Frederick Jaeger
Frederick Jaeger
Gayle Hunnicutt
George Mikell
Howard Morton
Howard Morton
J. D. Cannon
Jack Colvin
James Sikking
Joanne Linville
John Colicos
Mary Maude
Mary Maude
Mel Stewart
Morgan Farley
Paul Scofield
Robert Emhardt
Sandor Elès
Shmuel Rodensky
Vladek Sheybal
William Smithers



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