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65 Minutes


Millionaire heiress Mary Dakin (Nagel) is tired of gold digging men constantly wanting to marry her for her money, so she decides to take a job at a department store to see if a man will love her for herself. While there, she meets fellow employee Bob Spencer (Heyburn), and the two fall in love and marry whithout Bob ever knowing about Mary's fortune. Mary is happy even though they are poor, but things go from bad to worse when Bob loses his job and Mary is forced to contact her grandfather for financial help. bob is angry at her deception, refuses her grandfather's money, and goes to work for a mattress company in dirct competition with her grandfather's. Eventually, the two companies decide to merge, and with Mary newly pregnant, all ends well for the couple.


Anne Nagel
Don 'Red' Barry
Doris Rankin
Harry Davenport
Harry Hayden
Herbert Evans
John St. Polis
Kenneth Harlan
Matty Kemp
Ruth Fallows
Weldon Heyburn



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